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Some have questioned whether Christopher was a son of Robert WHEATON because he is not mentioned in his father's Will. It is assumed the first children were born in Salem as it is assumed that Robert and Alice were married there. They could have been born in Weymouth or Marblehead. It is called the "Ring of Green" and is actually at the location of the Newman Cemetery in Rumford (part of East Providence, RI) some five miles from the current Town of Rehoboth.Christopher died before his father and lived far from the rest of the family so this does not prove or disprove the relationship."Samuel WHEATON died before his father, and his children are mentioned in their grandfather's will. All we know is what scant record of Robert in Salem where he was NOT a member of the church there so his marriage and christenings were not recorded."Jeremiah, the father, moved to Rehoboth aforesaid and sometime after moved to the state of Rhode Island, Providence County, to live with his son John, who had previously settled there, and deceased at about 97 years of age, his son John since deceased leaving no male issued" "Jeremiah, the father, moved to Rehoboth aforesaid and sometime after moved to the state of Rhode Island, Providence County, to live with his son John, who had previously settled there, and deceased at about 97 years of age, his son John since deceased leaving no male issued" Wife Elezebeth, Sons: Joseph WHEATON of Reho., James WHEATEN (dcd), Samuel WHEATEN (dcd), John WHEATEN )dcd) & Isaac WHEATEN. So any WHEATON ancestor's visiting Rehoboth proper are in the wrong place! Ephraim Wheaton Elder of ye First Church in Swanzey who having Faithfully served God & his generation in ye Gospel for ye space of Thirty Years fell asleep in Jesus with a sure & certain hope of a glorious Resurrection to Immortal life on April 25th 1734, in ye 75 year of his age. I give & bequeath to my beloved son in Law Ephraim WHEATON and my Daughter Mary WHEATON his wife All my goods & cattle which are at his or their house where I now Dwell, Together with all my Rents & Dues: Due to me from my sone Pelatia MASON; to them the said Ephraim & Mary WHEATON, their heirs and assigns forever.In his article, "The Ancestry, Wives, and Children of Richard BOWEN of Weymouth and Rehoboth, Massachusetts", Richard Le Baron BOWEN Jr. Will dated 12 July 1694, he died 18 July 1694, proved , pgs 256-259. Sons Thomas eldest under 21, Daniel under 21, & John under 21..points out that the will of Richard BOWEN identifies Richard's daughter Alice as the wife of Robert WHEATON. 5 Daughters all under 18 & unmarried: Rachell, Mary, Bethia, Mehittabell, & Joanna. The meadow I had of my father BLISS -- presumably the surname of the testator's wife's father[*].It also confirms that he married "Elce" BOWEN, daughter of Richard BOWEN. Richard Le Baron BOWEN states that Robert WHEATON first appears in Salem town records in 1636/7, which is consistent with Nathaniel WHEATON's account of his great-grandfather. After the death of Oliver CROMWELL, Charles II came into power and the Act of Uniformity was passed in 1662, by which some two thousand of the best ministers were ejected from their places, because they refused to confirm to the Church of England. 104.]About a week ago my husband and I had occasion to visit Rehoboth, MA for the day and took photos of as many graves and sites as we could. (Unfortuntely we didn't get to the Probate Office which was in a different town than the Deeds which were in Taunton).The marriage to Alice BOWEN appears to have occurred well before their migration to Rehoboth. In this state of affairs, Elder MYLES, and many members of his Welsh church emigrated, somewhat hastily, to the Americas, and fortunately for future historians and genealogists, brought over with them the book of records of their ancient church in Wales. I haven't seen any photos on your website and don't know if you can accommodate these (sending small copies here).

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very probably in 1702, Samuel BOWEN, his wife, their children, and her sons, Jonathan and Noah WHEATON, by her first husband, Samuel WHEATON, came from Rhode Island and joined the Baptist Meeting of which Rev. (Rounds Bristol County Probate Files, 1745-1762, 125) who is names as deceased in the order for partition of his mother's estate (ibid 277-9)"KNOW All Men by these Presents, That We Priscilla THURBER widow & relict of John THURBER, late of Swanzey deceased, and John THURBER son & John WHEATON son in law all of Swanzey in the county of Bristoll - - -" * Note: "Will of John WHEATEN of Swan., Blacksmith, 'being Grown into old age, ' dtd. The widow Elizabeth (WOOD) WHEATON married Samuel BOWEN of Swansea and they with some of their their WHEATON children moved to Cohansey, NJ with the Baptist colony and they had several BOWEN children. The original information I received from Vikki EBELSHEISER showed that Robert WHEATON had a son Samuel WHEATON, and that this Samuel had a son also called Samuel, and that son Samuel born 1683 married Experience.The WHEATON brothers, Jonathan and Noah, each lived and died in Cohansey and their wills both refer to their inheritance in land in New England. stayed in Swansea to claim his father's estate there."At The Vineyard Historical and Antiquarian Society in Vineland, New Jersey is a manuscript from which most of the WHEATON Information comes. Charles SHEPPARD a lawyer from Brideton, New Jersey who died in 1939. Execs: wife, brother Samuel BOWEN, and Nicholas JONSON. So I had conflicting information..original information I had received from Vikki EBELSHEISER showed that Samuel born 21 July 1683, son of Samuel married Experience, whilst Bonnie WHEATON and Jeanette DIENFENBAUGH showed that Samuel born 1678/9 son of John married her.The manuscript was entitled My History and abbreviated in the records as MH."Samuel WHEATON died before his father and his children are mentioned in their grandfather's will. Witnesses: Dan BOWEN, Edward BANBORIE, Ann FITCHRANDOLPH. As I have no way of sorting this out from this side of the Atlantic, and as it does seem that the other Samuel (born 1678/9) had brothers Nathaniel and Isaac, I have shown that this Samuel, born 1683, son of Samuel, married Experience"....I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Alice my House & lands & Meadows Divided and Undivided and all my house-hold Goods & Stock of cut wood of all sorts which I have not before disposed of for her comfortable lively hood.It is likewise my will that if it please god by his providence so to order that if my beloved wife die before me that what housing lands or other Estate which I have given my wife by this will or what remains of it at my death shall be equally divided among my children both sons and daughters. Witns: John Greenwood, David Turner & Timothy Walker [7/8/9]." * Note: "MAN, Thomas, of Providence.Dated Abstracts of Bristol County, Massachusetts Probate Records 1687-1745 [8/9]"There is a problem in this generation of the WHEATON family that I believe I have resolved correctly.

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