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Before the power outing, Buckwild and Saaphyri tell Leilene if she quits the game, the Green Team will have to go back into the vault and vote somebody else into the box, which she's certain will be Buddha.Leilene tearfully agrees to do so, agreeing on a pinky swear saying their friendship is more important to her than winning the money.First aired February 16, 2009 This episode begins where Episode Two left off, with Leilene wanting to talk to Buckwild about breaking off the pinky swear earlier, but Buckwild doesn't want to talk to her.Meanwhile, inside the house, Buddha and Milf form an alliance.Bonez ends up losing some of his hair products into the water, while Myammee worries about getting her synthetic weave wet.

Production began in late October 2008 & wrapped November 2008, and the show premiered on February 2, 2009 with Craig J. First aired February 2, 2009 19 contestants arrived to compete on the second season, and, like the previous season, the contestants had to jump off the boat into the water.Each team must pick a new captain for their next challenge.The Green Team picks Myammee for their new captain, while the Gold Team picks Heat.While Entertainer denies it saying that was his team's decision, they decide to put it behind them and form an alliance.After revealing what each contestant would do with the money, the teams competed in a challenge to become team captains.On the power outing, the four contenders go on a boat ride.

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