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'Despite their best efforts on behalf of the Argentine people and the families of the missing sailors, this international effort has yet to locate the ARA San Juan.' More than 200 US personnel, three aircraft and a Navy research ship participated in the search for the submarine.The rescue and recovery area covered more than 655 square nautical miles, according to a statement from US Southern Command.

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Maria Leguizamon, whose husband German Suarez (pictured) is among the missing, told how 40 relatives gathered at the naval base were told about the explosion minutes before the press conference in Buenos Aires, 32, has been in the navy since the age of 18.The tragedy led to the firing of Admiral Marcelo Srur, head of Argentina's navy, earlier this month.Experts said the crew only had up to ten days of oxygen if the sub remained intact under the sea.I hope you didn't suffer my love.'Former American Navy acoustic analyst Bruce Rule concluded that the 44 crew members would have died 'instantly' and 'without suffering'.The expert was quoted by leading Argentinian daily La Nacion, who reported: 'The entire pressure-hull was completely destroyed in about 40 milliseconds or 1/25th of a second.'Mr Rule, described as the former lead acoustic analyst at the US Office of Naval Intelligence which is the US's premier maritime intelligence service, claimed that the submarine wreckage had sunk vertically at a speed of 10 to 13 knots., 35, is third-in-command of the sub.The South American country and Russia are still investigating a new sonar contact made with the ship within the last month.

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