this stems from either bad playing, poor typing, poor punctuation, or pure jealousy cause they spent all day looking and just some random people hooked up lol.don’t let it bug you just enjoy your self even if people are telling you your crap, its their fault for hating not yours.Not everyone wants four pages of text to see what your partner is doing, sure its great for setting up a scene in a roleplay cause a roleplay is just as it sounds it’s a role your playing out, but more on that later. there are the quicker, aka “mmmmmmmmmmm” “oh god yes” fuck me harder” oh im cummmmmmmminggggggsss” these as you can see rarely type much other than they are enjoying it or trying to maybe being a bit of an ass.following those are the short liners as i call them, these tend to be one or two lines of proper text with emotes and actions.

the most common and easiest one i can think up of is boss and office worker.don’t feel bad if your not on level with your partner the key thing is if both of you are enjoying terms of cybering its just enjoying the other person company just with your sex organs against one another lol.This makes your own actions stand out for its /me but how do i cyber good to keep people interested more or how do i become one of them legendary typers that people always want?Well the question you have to ask your self is what do you want, sure you can learn to type out page after page after page of fap material but is that what you want?and the story would have to be about something that made the office worker come into the boss’s office or stay late to fuck lol. maybe the boss is displeased with your work, or the worker is looking for a bump in their pay or its just a common thing in the work place to help with stress lol.

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