Baby boomer dating trends Gstrip chat line

According to the research by Warner Leisure Hotels, a third of the 2,000 over-50s surveyed claim they worry they will look too old.

More than a quarter are concerned about feeling nervous and almost one in ten panic about their own fashion sense.

And a lot of it may be down to them finding a new lease of life.

A third of the over-50s surveyed claim they are more carefree, with 27 percent going against the norm of losing your libido by admitting they are more sexually liberated.

There's no chemistry here and I have to admit it." This had turned out to be my second tragic date in a week.

There's always a great chance your date has already spotted you in the crowd and is going through that initial checklist we all keep with us on dates.

Ben's body looked great from what I could see of it though I wasn't much into bodies as my main point of attraction.

Where else do the over 50s go to dance, laugh, celebrate, have fun and meet new and old friends?

” When it comes to a hotel getaway, a country escape, seafront spot and city break top the chart for the UK’s over-50s.

Matt Finch, Marketing Director of Warner Leisure Hotels, comments: “Younger people have so many places that they can go to meet new people; bars, clubs, work etc, but as you get older this changes and it gets harder to meet someone new.

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