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The duo also managed to sneak in a smooch under the mistletoe.Bindi shared their sweet kiss in an Instagram video that she captioned, "Under the mistletoeđź’› Happy Holidays x." The whole family clearly enjoyed a very merry Christmas.I have the most beautiful souls in my life supporting me and helping me to follow my dreams. To my family, friends, and the people who will forever have a place in my heart, thank you for everything.For changing my life and making me the person I am today.Plus, Bindi shares if she'd like for her mom to start dating.Bindi is a forehead decoration, traditionally worn in South Asia.This next year will be filled with so much adventure, I'm excited for the journey to come.

As the Daily’s police reporter, the round is unprectible, diverse and challenging, but also exciting and is a dream position for me.

To benefit from promotions, the holder has to present the Bindi Club Card at the cash register before a receipt is issued.

It is not permitted to use photocopies of the said Card.

Traditionally, the bindi is worn on the forehead of married Hindu women.

It symbolizes female energy and is believed to protect women and their husbands.

Chandler posted a Christmas video where he and Bindi helped decorate the tree with her brother, Robert, and mom, Terri.

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