Candidating sermon

It was also the height of racism, violence and segregation under the Jim Crow laws (which as you know made it legal racial segregation in all public places and schools…) Like other artists, teachers, laborers, and ordinary folks, Robison was labeled a Communist.

The son of a former slave and minister, Paul Robeson graduated from Rutgers University and Columbia Law School and later graced stages all over the world from Broadway to Berlin.

When God calls, we lift each other up, finding ingenious “ways out of no way” That’s the kind of church community I want to call home! I close with a poem by Naomi Shihab Nye, favorite Palestinian- American poet.

Interview with Krista Tippett, Tutu tells a story of his days serving a church in Soweto during apartheid.

His voice making a way out of no way across the barriers set up to silence him.

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Trying not to panic, he told himself that if he would just sit down for a moment the words would come back to him.Maybe the paralyzed child of God found his or her own voice again, after being seen, finally seen Seen by a love that carries us through the darkest of times, Across the most impenetrable of boundaries.My friends, Jesus certainly healed someone that day Just as those unnamed helpers claimed their power and participated in making a difference, too.While the naysayers and grumblers complained, Jesus saw these “God-Carriers” and the vulnerable ones before him: “I say to you, stand up, take your mat and go.” (v.11) Healing unfolds in the midst of community…Looking more carefully into this text, I wonder when the healing actually began?Perhaps the healing moment was prompted when the neighbors were no longer bystanders but stood up, determined to carry this wounded warrior to Jesus, Perhaps the healing deepened as the roof was lifted off and witnesses started to notice a faith that has no bounds.(In the Mark tradition, of course, likes to fill in all the details and highlight who it is that truly held Authority!

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