Capture nx updating image


No amount of non-RAW Adjustments can recover the detail in the blown hilight.

Now change the Exposure Compensation under 'RAW Adjustments' to -2EV and you can clearly see that some of the lost highlights have been "recovered".

The only Adjustment that can access this 'excess' dynamic range information is 'Exposure Compensation' under 'Develop/Camera Settings'' (details below).

NEF to color space conversion: The process whereby Capture NX creates a RGB photo for you to edit and apply Adjustments to is illustrated to the upper right.

Therefore, a NEF captures the raw linear light levels seen by the camera's image sensor, in either 12 or 14 bits of precision.As my gear rides the cutting edge of obsolescence, this pair will likely be in service for many years to come.However, what works for me won't work for others...If someone is still using CNX-2, then they're better served by the version of VNX2 that corresponds.There was discussion about the Chroma-bug of the 64 bit versions of CNX-2 & VNX... Though the latter two points may not effect image quality to a noticeable effect for many users, they speak to the changes that are introduced when we update software just because it's the newest release.The steps are: Finally, a tone (and gamma) curve is applied to the linear values to create gamma-ccorrected colors in a particular color space (like RGB).

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