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One thing I genuinely love about the show is the chemistry between Prue and Piper.

It’s probably due to the real-life friendship between Shannen and Holly, but their scenes together totally ring true.

The tone the episode appears to be aiming for is a supernatural Dynasty, with an evil bad girl, a repressed matriarch and star-crossed lovers. They literally stand around snarling, just waiting for somebody to vanquish them. Every one of these people needs to be burned alive. “This [negligee] should make his assets rise…” Ha ha ha ha ha. It’s also entirely noticeable that the episode was held back from its original airdate, since references are made to people like Jeremy and Chef Moore.

However, the characterization is soinsanely lazy that any campy success is instead rendered unintentionally hilarious. There’s the sniveling Jade, the sickly-looking groom with all the sexual allure of a house plant, the shrieky banshee of a fiancée who openly admits to loving Touched by an Angel, the weirdly angry maid of honor, the Omen priest, the worst male stripper in the world, the mother dressed up in outfits Hilary Clinton would deem too butch. Piper’s maybe pregnant with demon spawn, and is later angry that Phoebe snooped through the garbage to find her pregnancy test.

And it Hurts, The Wedding from Hell, The Wendigo, The Witch is Back, Unwelcome Commentary, Which Prue is it Anyway? He is, in essence, one of those ancillary characters that isn’t important enough to give a consistent personality.

It’s a little like Buffy Summers’ father, originally shown to be pretty low-key and protective, then written as a heartless, child-abandoning sociopath when the scripts called for it. Played by a different actor here, Victor is depicted as a sleazy, heartless abandoner; something entirely flipped in later appearances, Victor eventually appearing worlds away from the kind of person who would ditch his entire family at one point or another.

What we shouldn’t forget is that Peterson is just one of a host of reasons why The Wedding from Hell is one of the show’s worst ever hours.Whining about Phoebe’s secrecy, creepily sneaking a peek at her love-making, and then unabashedly bursting in on Phoebe’s bedroom when she’s clearly screwing Clay.Seriously, she’s a real pain in the ass this episode, and it’s only in her scenes with Piper when she actually becomes a little bit likable. Phoebe comes across as a complete moron, especially in her scene with Palmer, who could not be more of a sleazy criminal.Instead, most of the script’s attention is given to her dull-dull-dull love interest Clay, his ham-fisted proclamations of having ‘gone straight’, and a flat mystery involving a cursed urn.Throw in a couple of dull subplots and yet another superfluous Andy appearance, and it’s no surprise five writers are credited to this mess.What saves Feats of Clay is the sisterly interaction, which isn’t surprising.

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