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Perhaps you’re needing to make a big decision, having difficulty coping with a stressful situation, experiencing conflict in an important relationship, or simply feeling lonely.

Talking to someone can go a long way toward improving your well-being and ability to perform day-to-day tasks.

Since then, multiple changes were made to how it would take shape and, most recently of all, they faced issued with approvals thanks to the furore around Apple throttling battery performance in old i Phones.

Now though, it’s live and ready for you to chat to others who are on the brink of being wiped from digital existence.

This common affliction allows you to bond with others on a level not seen before.It has several features including the ability to hide chats from people you don't want to confront, create a dark room and chat using a different avatar, and express yourself with memes in the chat room.Light a candle, and if the members of the chat agree, you can light the room to see who is who.One of the great benefits of talking with a 7 Cups of Tea listener is that the conversation is an anonymous chat.You can chat with one of our listeners in confidence knowing that what is discussed will not be shared with anyone else.Our listeners are here to support you through non-judgmental active listening.

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