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He has also starred as a guest in Richard Ayoade’s “Travel Man” series.

Fielding performed regularly as a stand-up comedian during the late 1990s, and appeared repeatedly on the television stand-up showcase Lee Mack's Gas.

In 2009, he helped host Comic Relief Does Top of the Pops with Reggie Yates and Fearne Cotton.

Fielding played the role of "Marcus" in the series 3 of How Not to Live Your Life, which was broadcast in November 2010.

In 2011, he took part of Catherine Tate's TV movie Laughing at the Noughties in which he and other Biritsh comedians discussed the comedy highlights of the noughties. I want the show to be psychedelic and beautiful but have charm and personality.

Fielding said of the project, tentatively titled Noel Fielding: Boopus: "I want to make something in the spirit of Spike Milligan or the Kenny Everett Show but using modern techniques. If Dalí made a show hopefully it would look like this." The show has since been renamed Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy and began broadcasting on Channel 4's E4 channel on 26 January 2012.

In 2008, Fielding appeared with comic partner Julian Barratt on Transmission.

As usual, he wore a somewhat flamboyant attire, this time featuring Cuban heels and polka dot trousers.

During the late 1990s he became a stand-up comedian, through which he met Barratt, with whom he established the Mighty Boosh.It was cancelled, however, so he could concentrate on writing The Mighty Boosh film with Julian Barratt and creating an album.Fielding announced via Twitter that he was too busy to do the tour.In February 2007, Fielding appeared on Never Mind the Buzzcocks as a panellist, before going on to become a permanent team captain.Fielding also made a short appearance in the film Plunkett & Macleane as a bystander to Robert Carlyle's scuffle in a brothel.He also achieved a record for the highest team score ever on the show.

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