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However the bank counts the impaired book, which stands at €7.76bn, as its key challenge, since these represent the toughest loans to restructure and are likely to pose the greatest drag to the balance sheet.

AIB intends to offload up to 1,242 of these exposures with the average balance remaining sitting at €760,000.The days of blind adulation for everything foreign are long gone.Slovaks have utmost respect for expatriates working in the Slovak Republic, but now that respect is more for the knowledge of the individual rather than just because they are foreign.The Slovak Republic is in the Central European Time Zone and adheres to CET (UTC 1) during the winter and CEST (UTC 2) during the summer.The climate is characterized by mild, humid summers with occasional hot spells and cold, cloudy and humid winter with occasional arctic winter spells. Watch this video animation to find out some interesting facts: Business culture in Slovakia is characterised through: business communication, business etiquette, business meeting etiquette, internship and student placements, cost of living, work-life-balance and social media guide The Slovak Republic, also known as Slovakia, is strategically situated in the centre of Europe surrounded by five countries: the Czech Republic to the northwest, Poland to the north, the Ukraine to the east, Hungary to the south and Austria to the west.

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