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Expect adverts on, even when registering as a paying member.

Features: Tinder allows users to browse a variety of singles in their area via simplistic profiles that feature several photos and a brief bio.

The Elite Singles approach: Our personality test is one of the most extensive out there, based on an algorithm implemented by psychologists and statisticians.

This means that we’re able to accurately match you to singles that share not only your interests, but attributes of your personality too.

"In 2012 only 12 percent of American women had asked anyone out in the previous year." Ovary up, ladies, and ask those dudes out on dates!

A 2013 study done by found that 23 percent of people under the age of 30 would call someone to ask them out, and 32 percent would send a text message.

Today the average age of first marriage is about twenty-seven for women and twenty-nine for men, and it's around thirty for both men and women in big cities like New York and Philadelphia.""In 2014 the average American spent 444 minutes per day — nearly 7.5 hours — in front of a screen, be it a smartphone, tablet, television, or personal computer." And according to Ansari, "we're spending so much time with our digital devices because we've all developed our own personal 'phone worlds'" and accompanying phone selves who live in this private space.

How has digital technology changed the way we date? So much so that Aziz Ansari — yes that Aziz Ansart — decided to write rigorous book full of statistics and interesting facts about dating to prove it. Modern Romance is a "comprehensive, in-depth sociological investigation" examining "the many challenges of looking for love in the digital age.That's the only way this whole "online dating" thing is going to work.The online dating world is awash with apps (including ours, which we’re pretty proud of, coincidentally), but for many singles, seeking out the very best dating apps can be a little perplexing.(For the record, I was asked out to prom on AIM, so I'm probably the kind of girl who would be asked out to prom by text.)Try 80 percent of Millennials, according to one 2011 survey. Fortunately, the same technology that allows us to connect with them also helps us figure out whether they post cute pictures of baby elephants or something more malicious, like a blog chronicling their latest elephant-poaching expedition in Botswana."There's no need to feel ashamed about meeting your significant other online because you're far from alone.Ansari learned that "[B]etween 20 more than one third of couples who got married in the United States met through an online dating site.According to data from Ok Cupid, it turns out that "writing a standard message and then copying and pasting it to initiate conversations is 75 percent as effective as writing something more original." It's way less effort than writing a personalized message every time, but three-quarters as effective, which is a pretty good trade-off if you're messaging everyone. "One study found that 88 percent of those who continued to have access to their ex's Facebook page said they sometimes monitored their ex's activities, while 70 percent of people who had disconnected from an ex admitted to trying to spy on the ex's page by other means, such as through a friend's account." If anything, your ex is probably spying on you, too.

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