Dating a work aholic


So, make sure you and your wife spend some time together without the interruption of mails, phones and other gadgets.

One of the things that I love most about Chris is his work ethic.

Get your wife to set some time aside for such activities.

This would refresh your relationship and give her time off from her work.

Your priorities are screwed up.” But it’s hard to find a way to say that about someone who is working really hard.

Especially when their paycheck is the ONLY paycheck all summer long.

Of course, she too needs to understand you and your needs. Get A Plan Both of you are working and your workaholic wife needs to understand the importance of domestic duties.

Stop Accommodating Every single time you planned an outing, your wife played spoilsport by acknowledging the work that she had to submit.Don’t make a rigid plan and try and change it from time to time.Importance Of Social Events Make sure you visit your friends, your relatives and attend social events from time to time.But, that is not the only reason why your wife is spending too much time at the office.Other reason is that she is terribly married to her work that she just can’t make time for her personal life.While dealing with a workaholic wife, you need to schedule your social events too.

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