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A core concern of “Big Daddy” is the plausibility of potential human ancestors.

I’ll start by recapping the current state of fossil evidence, then discuss how the tract treats the subject.

The Primate’s Progress article does an excellent job critiquing many of these items, and discusses the psychology that lies behind such authorship.

A briefer rebuttal of each panel in “Big Daddy” is given by Robert Stovold.

A second-year history student, who asked not be named, said: 'It's disgusting.

The City of Paris's official Twitter account said it 'strongly condemned the shameful advertisement' and would 'work with police to make it disappear from our streets'.A dating site that encourages young women to hook up with older men in exchange for help with tuition fees has begun an advertising campaign at UK universities.Five giant billboards are doing a tour of institutions in an aim to get 100,000 British students to sign up by the end of the year.A recent article by Paul Braterman on the Primates Progress blog ,” How to lie about radiometric dating, evolution, and even nuclear physics “, brought this Chick tract back to my attention.This pamphlet continues to be sold in bulk at 16 cents apiece, and stands as an example of the arguments brought against evolution by some Christians.The Wikipedia article lists at least eight major fossil specimens of this species, so it is well-established.

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