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It will display a list of people you received a yes match with and a list of people you received a friend match with.

A speed dating event gives you the chance to meet around 15-20 people in one night for dates lasting just four minutes.Yes, but we do need some notice to move your booking.We can change your booking to another event provided you give us 48 hours notice from the event start time.Our socials and parties are designed for larger groups up to 250, but each of our detailed event listings will give you a good idea about how many people you can expect to meet.Our events are popular so on most occasions we're able to get an equal or almost equal male/female ratio.Our events make it very easy to meet a lot of people face to face. You probably won't want to date everyone but because you'll meet a lot of people at one event, the chances are that you'll meet a few people you want to see again.

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