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Honourable mentions (not in any order): Jessica Alba, Brooke Shields, Ally Sheedy, Paulina Porizkova, Amy Weber, Natalie Imbruglia, Monica Bellucci, Susanna Hoffs, Grace Kelly, Megan Fox. She became famous in the Arab world when she came in second in the Miss Lebanon contest.In this fantasy the Alpha is so confident and dominant that she has no choice but to surrender to his will.The Alpha, as the group leader, with his dominance, his high value, his capacity to demonstrate power, his experience with women, knows that he will not be rejected and can easily . I am grateful for your nurturing and justice.”“Good boy.”“Please rule my life during the coming year. Correct my errors.”“Get in position.”Kyle turned, knelt at the edge of the bed. Kyle needed no further prompting.“Thank you for guiding me throughout the year, Ma’am.

More than perfect she was beyond anything I thought possible. – Jun 16, 2007 · The ten most beautiful white women in the world that I know of who are also famous enough to be in the Wikipedia.

Basically the more a woman is perceived as hot by men, the more she will potentially be attracted to assholes. Simply because the more she’s hot, the more power she has to compete against other women to get the man she really wants!

Losing some sex-rank, because she gets older or fatter, she will be quickly discarded from the assholes “fuck-list” thus has no choice to opt for another sex-life strategy, which is usually something like finding a good provider and settle down or date less attractive men.

The Asshole, who considers women as disposable sexual objects, is obviously convinced of his higher value, and since he doesn’t care at all about those sluts, he doesn’t care to be rejected either; exactly like he does with everything else: he for his needs.

When it comes to their behaviour towards women, the differences between Alpha and Asshole are subtle enough to trigger the same reaction.

The second belt spanking ended.“Thank you, Ma’am.”“Now strokes for my years. Our life together is based on your voluntary and competent submission to my authority.”Older than Kyle, this was the longest belt whipping.

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