Dating on a dime

Fans of the (physically) smallest circulating denomination typically look to the series’ 1946-1964 period to collect the last of the silver dimes, but there is ample enough reason to give the clad era some consideration.For starters, much of the Mint’s output in the 60s and 70s was plagued by a lack of fineness and attractive gems well struck gems can prove elusive.Second, the FB or FT designation (depending upon your grading authority) is a rather recent development, so mainstream collectors were not necessarily hoarding these coins for future returns.

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The United States made great strides beautifying its coinage under Theodore Roosevelt.Unfortunately, the longevity of these series has led to design malaise, and this malaise lulls us into the false assumption that the circulating coinage we use isn’t going anywhere.Of course, that’s not true; despite soaring mintage numbers in recent years, the attrition rate for circulating coinage is high.The 1982 No P variety is not listed So, if the key to the series is not the 1.5 million-minted not-intended-for-circulation 1996-W commemorative dime, which coin is?We propose that it’s probably one of the following candidates.The quick overview of PCGS clad-era Roosevelt dime population totals is a great primer into the mentality of the mainstream coin market makers, as the 1996-W dime could not become the most submitted clad-era dime, by such a wide margin, without institutional dealers submitting the coin in bulk.

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