Dating romanians in us


Rarely do we have witness an outpour of solidarity in this country.As I have mentioned the Medical School earlier, I should say something about hospitals also: you the waiting room of a hospital in Romania you wait, because that’s why is called the waiting room.Well…I am sure many foreigners have heard lots of horror stories about my beautiful country, including the fact that young, cheap hookers fall off the trees and approach rich old guys in broad light of the day to offer them on the spot, right there a blow…up for only 1 penny.I do understand that, but it is so clear that stereotypes work both ways and are totally un-healthy…I would rather stop asking anyone how is there and there and figure it out myself, unless I miss some good stuff.

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The Infamous bellow: Vacaroiu, Taracila, Tariceanu, Olteanu, Iliescu, Hrebenciuc, Patriciu, Voiculescu.I am also launching a challenge for our foreign friends and visitors here: what do you like the most about us and what do you dislike the most?You can only name 3 to maximum 5 things and you need to bring at least one consistent argument why…. A pass in the Medical School in Timisoara costs 300 euros, in case you were wondering. As I have started this blog over an year ago, then I have abandoned for personal reasons, with the idea of finding what defines Romanians with the good, the bad and the ugly, maybe I should ask these questions again and let the people say their view. People with a little education with many degrees obtained through friends in universities because, in case you didn’t know, in Romanian universities you can buy your degree or even your grade.I have seen and read many, many articles, essays and opinions about ‘what is Romania’s brand? Tariceanu, the prime minister and Basescu, the President, hand in hand in orange in Piata Universitatii.

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