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I find it stylish but haven't found anything that makes me go, 'wow! However, I did find some of the seats uncomfortable. I like the vibe and environment plus the mix of people that gather at Chambar. It's the people behind the food that makes the 'magic' happen. Therefore if you change the cook, the end results are different.As usual I like naming names of the people behind the restaurant. It really cannot be over emphasized, especially in finer dining restaurants.There are lots of love for Chambar by many people I know. I have been here over 20 times since they first opened, 6 years ago. Over the last 6 years both the kitchen and bar have been very consistent. There recent addition's of Pourhouse, Diamond, Bao Bei, Keefer, Voya, Loden, etc....Mainly in the beginning when they opened and twice it the last 7 months. mean more options for the martini's and cocktail crowd looking for a good mixologist.

The current bar program is lead by Wendy Mc Guinness.

Just your average rodent working for an evil biotech company, making comments on the state of science and technology, and occasionally going off on seemingly random tangents that are sure to change your life I’d hate to be a polar bear these days. On this glorious Earth Day, where we concern ourselves with the well-being of our environment and animals, and the wild relatives of those two less-than-sanitary zoo animals, let us pause a moment to consider the plight of the polar bear.

My family recently went to the nearest zoo, where my young kids had a great time watching the very large polar bears frolicking in their pool, chewing on things like giant soccer balls, children’s play structures, and even a mannequin (! The highlight for the kids, though, was watching the bears back up to the pool like a delivery truck and deposit there hot steaming piles of poop or streams of bright yellow pee. In short, they are dying because the arctic ice is receding due to global warming (at a rate that surpasses even the most extreme models that scientists had predicted less than a decade ago). For the first time in centuries, as you may have heard, polar bears are being found dead due to starvation, and there are even reports of cannibalism.

Polar bears require sea ice to hunt for seals, where the bears hang out at seal breathing holes and then ambush the blubbery animals. Since this was discovered, a few years ago, environmental groups have been pressuring the Bush administration to take action to protect the polar bear and to reduce global warming through legislation.

Not surprisingly, the President is less than interested, stalling protective status for the bears, moving forward with increasing off-shore drilling rights in polar bear habitat, and doing the usual oil-industry friendly activities that belch forth lots of carbon emissions.

How one individual person can make a good meal - into a great meal. The Chef and owner Nico Schuermans was born in Rwanda, Africa.

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