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Such health records now go directly to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

At the time of the fire, one-third of the air force records already had been relocated and thus saved, but overall, fewer than 4 million records were recovered, either entirely or with as little as one identifiable document.

NPRC has complete OMPFs for more than 34 million veterans, plus several million more partial files and supplemental records regarding individual military service.

Most folders that were retired to the Center before the early 1990s also include records of routine physical exams and outpatient medical and dental treatment.

Within the guidelines of applicable laws and regulations, limited information is provided to others who can sufficiently identify the record sought.

Anyone who asks for information that is not releasable under those privacy guidelines, such as a prospective employer who wants to know the veteran's character of service ("honorable" for example) or a newspaper that wants to verify extensive service information, must submit the veteran's written authorization.

NPRC reconstructs a file only after receiving a request involving that veteran, and even then, replacement of an entire folder is impossible for these one-of-a-kind documents.

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