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Some sources give 60% of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan's membership as belonging to the armed forces, Sarandoy, or KHAD.

KHAD also had a political role that was clearly unintended by the Soviets.

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KHAD also directed its attention to Afghanistan's Hindu and Sikh religious minorities.These included the use of torture, the use of predetermined "show trials" to dispose of political prisoners, and widespread arbitrary arrest and detention.Secret trials and the execution of prisoners without trial were also common.Its importance to Moscow was reflected in the fact that it was chiefly responsible for the training of a new generation of Afghans who would be loyal to the Soviet Union.Another important area was work with tribes and ethnic minorities.However, KHAD has continued to operate after the fall of the Soviet-backed government in 1992 and acted as the intelligence arm of the United Front or "Northern Alliance" during the civil war in Afghanistan (1992-1996).

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