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Just spare yourself the heartache and get over it." Keller is entitled to her opinion, just as any of us are.

However, a statement like it's "just not possible" is not the basis for a logical argument.

Lastly, and most importantly, we have to admit that the definition of marriage has in fact changed since the Old Testament.

Today, marriage is a monogamous relationship between consenting adults. Looking at the lives (and wives) of Lamech, Abraham, Jacob, Esau, Gideon, David, Solomon, Rehoboam, and countless others, polygamy was fair game.

But there are three significant issues using the Old Testament on intermarriage.

Could someone be equally yoked with an "unbeliever" (her term, not mine), or could you be unequally yoked with someone of the same faith or denomination?

An atheist is a God-hater, just as you and I were until God graciously opened our “eyes” to our need to be forgiven and cleansed of our sin, to be reconciled to our Creator, and to be given an “alien” righteousness so we could live with a holy God forever. After telling them not to be “unequally yoked with unbelievers” (picture an ox and a donkey trying to plow a straight row together . If you choose God over this man, God will not love you any more than He already does. If you truly trust in Christ Jesus as both your Savior and your Lord, you are His 100% dearly loved child.

Does that mean that you have the freedom to date this man? Besides, why would you want to, when Christ has revealed Himself to you as the greatest treasure there is—both in this life and for the life to come?

I'm not out to prove that it's Biblically ordained, but I do think the Scripture leaves space for debate, and the assertion that "it won't work" just isn't accurate anymore.

Keller does reach into Scripture to make her point, and as a Christian myself, I'm eager to follow her logic.

Please don’t read this letter with a harsh, condemning tone, but with an urgent, pleading one. If this letter feels like I’m dumping a bucket of cold water on your head, it’s because I want you to wake up. A Christian is someone whose entire identity has been refashioned around Christ. Christ is the reason they are now accepted and beloved by God the Father. It won’t happen—they’ll each want to do their own thing), Paul peppered them with the following questions: One way we can apply this to our lives today is that we should not marry (and therefore we should not date or long to date) someone who is not wholeheartedly pursuing and delighting in God.

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