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Yet, al-Faruqis statement is itself internally contradictory.

Muslims seek to separate the revelation of Allahs will, as found in the Quran, from the revelation of Allah himself.

Muslims do not believe that God would have an interest in a personal relationship of love and friendship with man, much less that he actually would enter into human history for the purpose of establishing, or rather re-establishing, such a relationship....

According to Muslims, divinity and humanity are totally exclusive entities.

It is for this reason that Muslims consider Christian doctrines such as the incarnation and the vicarious atonement to be illogical and blasphemous - from the Muslims perspective, Allah would never take on the form or flesh of a human being, and certainly would never yield himself to die, however temporarily.

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John 17:3 says, "And this is life eternal, that they might know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." The Bible presents God as a Being who intimately reveals Himself to man, and who encourages us to learn of Him and enter into ever closer fellowship with Him.

Youssef states this well when he says, "When Muslims reject the concept of God-become-man, they also reject the concept of a relationship between God and man, which is the essence of Christian faith.

Put simply, Islam delineates a concept of God that ultimately is irreconcilable with the Christian Gospel.

One of the most common assertions that we hear when a comparison between Islam and the Judaeo-Christian tradition is made is that both conventions essentially worship the same God.

Allah, it is said, is merely another name for Jehovah, the God of the Bible.

There are many differences between the attributes of God and Allah.

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