Dating through bumper stickers


On November 20, 2016, a six-hour standoff between Water Protectors and law enforcement ensued.

During the last decade, online social networks such as Facebook™ (Facebook) grew rapidly in popularity and this was due in no small measure to use of these media by adolescents.The presence of law enforcement within our communities is meant to connote safety…. As temperatures continue to drop, veterans are currently entering the camp to protect the people.Long before the Dakota Access Pipeline Project, our tribal communities suffered and struggled under oppression and historical trauma. NIWRC will continue to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, a sovereign nation, in its continued fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline and the continued abrogation of its treaty rights. We urge the community to acknowledge the relationship between extractive industries and increased incidents of violence against women in communities impacted by extractive industries, and further, to hold perpetrators and industries accountable for these violent culturally grounded, grassroots advocacy and provide national leadership to end gender-based (domestic and sexual) violence in Indigenous communities.Given our mission, NIWRC is committed to its stand in solidarity with Standing Rock during this tumultuous time and remain steadfast in our support for the non-violent resistance that Standing Rock has manifested against the Dakota Access Pipeline.The Morton County Sherriff’s department has denied use of such tactical means, though the events were heavily captured and disseminated via social media and news outlets.

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