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In my opinion the reddish looking letters above it read "G. Ives" and someone, maybe the artist, rewrote "Ives" to be more legible.

Mattie Keven - I think you are right about there being numbers scratched into the surface.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show began performing in the Eastern US and later Europe beginning in 1884, and ran until 1906.

It was during this time that city slickers could, at the Buffalo Bill show and at many photo studios throughout the East, dress up in cowboy attire and have their images captured for posterity." "The shirts on these men are nothing real cowboys would wear.

Thanks Steve Hi, I'm still looking for help dating this photo before or after 1870. If it dates before 1870 or at least 1869, there is a possibility that this is a photo of my gg grandfather who was killed in the Avondale Mine Disaster 1869.

110 anthracite coal miners perished on Sept 6, 1869 at the Avondale Mine, Plymouth Twp north east Pennsylvania.

In the American South, beginning in about 1850 and for decades afterward, hitching posts and railroad ties tended to be made from Bois D'Arc wood.

The clothes on the tall, slim fellow don't fit, and would be completely unsuitable as work clothes.

I'll like your opinion on whether this tintype looks like it is a "brown period" tintype.

Thanks Steve Steve - What it looks to me is that it is a tintype of an older image.

I have a few questions and I'd like your opinion on the photo.

Was there a time frame when a larger 6X8 tintype would have been made?

At the bottom you can see the remnant of the gold border of an oval, and I am assuming that this is part of the original image and not a present border.

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