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We all want to be part of our own kind of power couple.It will mean so much to us when we see you embrace our kooky friends, engage with our art and theirs, and stay right by our side when we need you and giving us space to connect with someone when we need it.We didn’t want to cancel our travel plans or inconvenience you, but we have to go to work. Each opportunity is a blessing and we can’t take it for granted. The upside is that our success gives us flexibility in our schedules that most people can’t afford. We might have a multi-cam comedy, an action drama, a silly kids show, and then a soap opera audition where we find out we lost a child, all in the same day. If we just need to lay our heads on your lap while you run your fingers through our hair to calm us, do it, and add a kiss on the head every once and a while.

Chris was linked with Anna Hathaway and they met on the set of Bride Wars.Contrary to the name of the movie, he took her home forever.It was love at first sight and in a year’s time, they got engaged.Then Chris slowly moved on to do supporting roles in mainstream movies like Wanted, Money Ball, Delivery Man and Her. He was the lead actor in Avatar which is the most successful movies of all time.Guardians Of The Galaxy and Jurassic World had him as the leading actor.The year later, on 9th July 2009, the couple got married in Bali, Indonesia.

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