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All is good in that area" before changing the subject.Ellie has been confusing us about her love life lately after she was photographed cavorting with personal trainer Sam Karl while swimming in the Miami sea.

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So when people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d say ‘I’m going to be an actress,’ in this fake posh accent that I’d learned from watching period dramas.

Read more: Ellie Goulding makes for an arresting sight with Garda photo in Cork "Globe trotting can really take its toll on any relationship, but it’s especially hard when work regularly demands that both sides have to be away," the insider continued.

The timing of the break seems a little strange as just a few months ago Ellie, 28, revealed she could see herself spending the rest of her life with Dougie.

My brain was getting all these crazy signals, and I’d have these faux heart attacks that felt real.

There was so much adrenaline being pumped into my body that, in any normal situation, I felt as if I had to fight or flee.

"He is definitely the one forever," she told Elle UK magazine.

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