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In an industry that lacks diversity in its newsrooms, being a Black journalist telling our stories means preserving our legacy in the written form.I value my role in this profession because it allows me to live the dreams of my enslaved ancestors who were prohibited from reading and writing: producing mass information that once was impossible to do as a Black man never escapes my consciousness when I sit down at my keyboard.We are often encouraged to write for free and persuaded that this would give us “exposure” and “open new doors.” But exposure doesn’t pay the bills and our unpaid hard work doesn’t just give publications “exposure”—but content and online traffic that fuels their ad revenue streams. I remember dealing with publications forgetting to send me the right forms to fill out, W-9s, and changing the amounts I was owed just to delay the process of payment.Last week I shared that @ebonymag hasn't paid or contacted me & many others. Now at age 25, I can say that I’ve finally been able to negotiate fair compensation and agreements on the publishing of my work.However, the desirability of telling my community’s stories in a business that hardly hires us comes at a cost.Black journalists often are put in positions where they have to take what they can get, or they don’t get anything at all. pic.twitter.com/Z9u3v BNKQf— Baratunde (@baratunde) May 31, 2017So for those few publications that do pay us, it’s often a tricky slope on the terms of proper compensation and the timeliness of it.In a statement provided to NBC News for this piece, EBONY Media says they’re “fully committed to paying its writers and freelancers in their entirety and should have this issue resolved within the next 30 days.”Although I’ve never written for Ebony—I know all too well how publications often take advantage of the labor of Black journalists.

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