Effects dating violence victims

Odds are that you will know someone during your college career that has experienced relationship violence. Trust your friend's instincts and understanding of the relationship.It is not always safe to leave a relationship; provide any support the person asks for, but do not insist the person leave the relationship. Offer to assist your friend with any part of a safety plan he or she creates.The documentaries are student produced with student actors. If you are a victim of Domestic Abuse, please contact the Cheyney Police Department for advice, help and support.Our staff is trained to help you file PFA papers and help you in this situation.We can more easily address war crimes or assaults in our streets than those same types of crimes perpetrated in our homes. Hitting, shoving, and other forms of physical abuse. Social norms emphasize both that men are supposed to be "strong" - and therefore cannot be abused - and that women are supposed to be "weak" - and therefore cannot abuse.Stealing your money, using your ATM card or credit card without permission, deliberately breaking or damaging your possessions. There is growing evidence that the number of men experiencing relationship violence is far higher than ever believed.The page also explains legal requirements that the University has in reporting stalking.An anonymous report should be made to Cheyney Police and to the University Title IX Coordinator.

What is also frightening is that abuse still remains to a large degree hidden.

PACT5 was started by students and faculty in 5 universities: Rowan University (NJ), California State University at Northridge, Western State Colorado University, Northern Illinois University, and Framingham State University (MA).

PACT 5 has produced a series of documentaries that are powerful stories that will hopefully change tragic behavior patterns.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline has an excellent resource for safety planning.

An anonymous report should be made to the Cheyney Police Department and to the University Title IX Coordinator.

Chester County and Delaware County Women's Resource Centers and Domestic Abuse Centers can offer assistance as well.

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