Error while updating filelist options of

All the designs that have been downloaded are stored in the 'cosmos creator/collaborative_designs' directory.Select the design that isnt being shown, and click 'OK'.

To fix this: delete the bookmark; in windows explorer move any files you were working on to a different directory (so they wont be overwritten or deleted); delete the designs directory; then in cosmos creator download the design again using the 'find new designs' button in the 'tools' menu; copy your saved files over the top of the fresh copies that were just downloaded; and it should be fixed. File Area Each of the files and directories of the bookmark you have selected are shown here, along with some information describing their status.missing -- This means that Rapid SVN expected the file to be there, but it could not find it.You should delete files through Rapid SVN rather than through windows explorer, otherwise Rapid SVN can't tell if you intended to delete it or not.The Rapid SVN source (Linux) and latest Binary (Windows and Mac) can be downloaded here: Rapid SVN Direct download Mac Versions: Rapid SVN 0.12 for OS X Snow Leopard Rapid SVN 0.13 for OS X Lion Windows Version: Rapid SVN for Windows Linux Source: Rapid SVN for Linux Rapid SVN is a program that allows you to send and receive updates of any code/design you have on your machine to a central svn server (https://ch).This document will explain the basic use of Rapid SVN Rapid SVN gives you a graphical interface to the subversion (SVN) visioning system.If you want to send these changes to the server so everyone else can see them, see the section on 'Commiting Files'.

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