Excel updating fields slow

So when you have multiple worksheets, some with data and other with formula and yet a few other with final graphs and dashboards, name the one with data earlier in the alphabet and the other ones later in the alphabet.

Working across workbooks can make excel slow especially when a lot of references are involved.

An Excel spreadsheet that seemed a bit slow in Excel 2000 would likely get bogged down to a crawl in Excel 2007 if you, like me, are using the same hardware.You will see that the sheet which is labelled earlier in the alphabet will be calculated earlier.Numbers take precedence over alphabets so if you change the label of the sheet labelled “neil” to “1neil”, it will be calculated earlier.In Sheets named alphabetically (sheets with only data earlier, sheets with formulas later) 3.Only when both the options have been exhausted, should you turn to using references from other workbooks Another thing that can slow down an excel spreadsheet is the lack of sorting.If you are using formulas that have the ability to search across a range or multiple ranges, sort the data.

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