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“Our love is all-enduring and unconditional,” says Drescher.

Pausing, she adds quietly, “All those years weren’t for nothing.” Over the last decade, Drescher and Jacobson, 53, have transitioned from spouses to best friends and, once again, producing partners.

He routinely agrees to interviews to talk about his accomplishment and even has some of his work in the Smithsonian.

If you listen to the technological community, however, Ayyadurai actually invented the name email as a 14-year-old whiz back in 1978 when he built a simple communication device for a dental practice and didn’t actually invent the way computers send messages to one another.

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When Yetta arrives for dinner and the meeting with Williams, Maxwell is furious with Fran as he feels Yetta will ruin his chances of getting Williams to sign a contract.

“Dressing me was a big thing; he was very into fashion,” she says of Jacobson’s fascination with her wardrobe choices.

“But everything could be looked at from a different perspective.

However Williams and Yetta hit it off and Williams does sign with Maxwell in large part because of Yetta.

In her new intimate relationship with Williams, Yetta learns and ...

Williams is an older Southerner who talks tough, lives hard and lives fast. Maxwell decides to ply Williams with food, drink and a vivacious fast woman, his first thought for that last position being Cindy Crawford.

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