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He was a native of County Armagh and from a military family, his father and brother were Sergeant John Heather, senior and Sergeant John Heather, junior.Robert was with the 1st Battalion of the 4th (King's Own) Regiment in Captain Anwyl's Company No. Their role at Waterloo Rod has ascertained from battle outlines and other accounts.

You may read about the Heather family in Part Two of .Currently Aaju has a home-based sealskin garment business, translates, volunteers for the music society, collects traditional law from elders for the Department of Justice, and raises her five children—just recently, she graduated from Akitsiraq Law School and was called to the bar.These days Aaju is advocating for Inuit rights to seal and sealskin products as well as the Inuit right to be involved in issues related to Arctic waters.I have added information about John Wilson and Ann Morrison, late arrivals from Ireland c. They are noted as parents of Matilda (Law) on page 530 but more information is found on pages 635 and 636.I have added evidence that they moved to Randboro, Newport Township, Compton County, Quebec before 1890, which is where they died c. Margaret (Peggy) Burbidge of Ottawa has done a tremendous job locating the children and families of William King the eldest son of Emily Charlotte Burbidge, born at Rawdon in 1857 (see Part One, page 383).Jonathan "Jack" Hindle and what we believe may be Henry Warren Rourke with his first wife Catherine Nightingale and one on page 666 which is possibly, Ellen Nightingale, his second wife.

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