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" to "Kill yourself" offering a sinister view into what can go on online.

The PSNI defended their decision to share the post after some readers pointed out that the terms used in America may not be the same over here and may also be out of date.

Older teens need some privacy but they should be wiser to the dangers.

Insist on knowing their passwords so you can log into their accounts.

Underage sexting is increasingly becoming a problem, and while schools are soon to be introducing warnings about porn and sexting as part of compulsory sex education, it can be hard to know when to step in as a parent.

Responding to the criticism, a spokesperson for Bewry and Mourne PSNI said: "As a follow up to the text talk post just to clarify that this was an American resource and indeed some of the codes may not be being used here but it is something to be aware off if you see cryptic messages on your kids devices.

"Also prevention is better than cure so speak to your kids about their online activity, what they are using and respect the age limits of social media platforms – is it proper to set up a kid with a Facebook account at eight years old?

(Romans ; 2 Peter 1:3)After serving in the local church for 25 years, Barrett and his wife Jenifer launched INFO for Families.

He has a Master’s of Christian Education degree from Southwestern Seminary — but he and his wife of 27 years have received their best education through the no-holds-barred nature of everyday family life.

"What is an appropriate age to give your child a smart phone or device and data or wifi access?

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