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It was like the entire thing was one long movie montage illustrating how perfect your friendships are. You can all move to a commune and just complete each other.You're really supposed to get up, get dressed, and go out to meet someone you might not even like? If someone tells you to "put yourself out there" one more time... Luckily, dating feels less strange as you get used to it.Thanks for helping us achieve our mission of helping people learn how to do anything.When you’re 50 and waiting for a 55 year old man to call, and he doesn’t…it’s not your grownup woman who freaks out and feels like crap. Rejection during the dating phase most often comes in the form of never getting another call. But having expectations beyond what has actually been promised…that is almost always a recipe for disappontment, whether real or self created.Then you'll meet someone, fall in love, and get to that comfortable phase where you can flaunt your weirdness and know they love you for it.And you send test text messages to your friends to make sure your phone is working.In the end, I was single and more confused and tired than ever.

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There are some AMAZING singles out there, people!!!

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(If you haven’t already, read my post about why rejection can be good for you.) But what about when he just doesn’t call You know what I mean: He usually calls within one or two days of a date, but this time it’s been four or maybe even five days, and you haven’t heard from him. Are you living your life, patiently waiting and assuming he’s busy and focused elsewhere? That, girlfriend, is the best recipe for fending off your 18 year old. Have you ever imagined things that haven’t yet happened or ‘gone down the rabbit hole’ only to find out that you made it all up?

Or are you going through all the reasons why he may not be calling that make it your “fault” or make him a jerk? You’ve already decided it’s over, or at minimum that he’s a rude man who should have called and didn’t. You put on that “I don’t need you”-“No one is going to treat me this way”-“I thought I liked you but now I know better” attitude.

(After all, no one wants to be rejected.) You see his backing off as confirmation that you were right about him. ) There is nothing wrong with being hopeful and excited.

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