I am dating a married man

I just wouldn’t advise sleeping with him until he gets there, especially if you want more from the relationship. Why didn’t he hit on you in a more obvious way once you were there?

I worked with this guy in the summer and we became good friends. and I never got the vibe that he was into me as anything more than a friend. It sounds like this guy was tipsy, horny, and flirty. and asked you to come over, I’ll bet all of Earth’s money that he wasn’t asking you to come over as a friend. Maybe he was too drunk, too shy, or too surprised that you actually came over to seduce you. Why didn’t he pursue you once he sobered up and why has he ghosted? Maybe he felt embarrassed that he’d booty-texted in the middle of the night. Probably, he just likes you as a friend — and doesn’t generally see you that way, and maybe doesn’t know how to text that.

A guy who wants to dedicate himself to you will have separated from his wife, processed the breakup, then put himself back out there.

Nobody can jump straight into another relationship with the finesse you may be imagining – sure, it’s nice to think about this guy slamming down divorce papers and rushing off into the sunset with you, but how do you know this relationship is going to last?

It doesn’t matter what state their relationship is in – they have committed themselves to someone else, but are choosing to stray.

He's thoughtful, kind, attentive, loving, and constantly shows me how much he cares about me. I wish I met him later in life, but I feel so guilty that I have the relationship I have always wanted right in front of me, and I don't even want it right now!

We've stopped having sex too, and most of the time I don't even feel like being around him ... Whenever we fight, he is always so willing to make it work. Is it fair to end it when he doesn't even deserve it?

I even fantasize about other guys even though I would never cheat on him.

I just feel so lost and wonder if "working on myself" is valid enough to take such a big risk throwing him away when I know some lucky lucky girl will snatch him up in a minute, and I may regret it. But I do not believe you will “never find a guy as good as him.” There are billions of men in the world — and not all of them are douchebags.

Specifically, I worry that things aren’t as clear-cut as you may want to believe. Especially since you just moved to a city a few months ago, I worry that it might be harder for you to get a handle on the whole picture.

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