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I just don’t want to be stuck in the job and the same field I’ve been in.I’ve never been happy and I’m miserable especially now. I feel like a useless person and I go home sad and depressed because I don’t have a diploma or GED.For me, Math was by far most challenging, but I understood it.Now that I have my GED I plan to migrate and apply for a job.It’s hard for me to find a job because I don’t have diploma. Sometimes, I remember my past and I have a lot of negative thoughts in mind.I should’ve gone to school before so that I wouldn’t be struggling to find the job that I like now.I’m really excited and looking forward to great opportunities. Thanks to Pearson Vue and to GED Academy for making a difference in my life. I’ve been jealous of my cousins and friends that they have gone far and gotten a good education.

I only have my boyfriend and my mother-in-law to inspire me to finish my high school or get my GED. I want to be able to play with them, tell them stories, talk to them, etc. By getting my GED I will be able to tell my child in the future I made it !

That was always been my dream job and now I want to make it true.myself and also for my kids and my family.

I want to feel good about myself so that I am not self conscious to face people.

Once I have settled in my new country, I plan to go to college.

I plan on setting an example for my daughter so that she can also go to college.

Also, I have a friend telling me to get the GED so I can go to college and get the career that I want.

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