Invalidating query cache entries key mysql

These will generally look like: Executing Delete_rows event at position 100 Handling record 50 of 100 for a Delete_rows event Additionally, the outermost state of a thread state is now saved and restored when inner states are set, so that the overall information of what the thread is doing is not lost.具体详情请参考 这篇文章监控mysql5.5 监控mysql5.5和mysql5.7 的区别看以下步骤 我使用以前的脚本去监控mysql5.7 发现无数据,检查发现是,脚本里面的语句之后会先弹出一个警告语句再给出结果导致zabbix 获取值有问题 语句:Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.This may be far fetched, but one could clear the cache before a peak load in order to ensure that a heavy used cache key does not expire during peak load.

Platform: , with only difference in that the post-processed data is stored using separate INSERT and UPDATE queries rather than INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE.

If you feel the My SQL read or write performance is not high enough you should read it's manual and find out which settings to tune to trade memory use or consistency for more performance.

As a start you may look at "" to improve read and write performance.

The correct solution to this problem is not to delete the cache entries, but to serve "stale" (expired) entries while recalculating.

Key to this algorithm is that the first cache miss signals other processes that it will recalculate the cache value and that other for now can continue to serve the expired entry.

The advantage is that a lower expiration time guarantees a lower (maximum) age of the cache entry, while deleting in certain cases, does lower the average age, but does not lower the the guaranteed (maximum) age.

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