Is doug wilson dating hildi

Who remembers when “Trading Spaces” had designers wrecking up innocent houses every week for laughs and entertainment? But there were others when designers like Hildi Santo-Tomás pulled some pretty crazy stunts.

"Paige [Davis] tried to calm him down, and Doug [Wilson] was sent to apologize. I'm gay myself, I didn't mean anything by it." Admittedly, this isn't a very convincing source, essentially being hearsay.What were some of your favorite home-makeover disasters?I’ll never forget the time Doug Wilson turned a bedroom into a jail cell, complete with a mural of prisoners!TLC has not released who from the original show might be returning, whether homeowners will have a larger budget than before, and whether the contestants will still need to wear brightly colored button down shirts for three days.Another burning question: Will designers have free reign to do whatever strikes their fancy?designers do not set out to make “crazy” television with inferior designs.

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