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He started following all the travel, fashion, and food channels.Soon came the time for him to decide the career for himself and start applying for the colleges. He tells me that college at least gave him an exposure to a big city — New Delhi.Well, this was one of the reason to have been made him feel like an outcast, the fool at school. From inside, he always wanted to go shop for nice things and eat nice food, but could not tell that to anyone (this would only give others more to talk about).And rather than thinking about girls, like his male classmates, he started focusing on his studies Guys were obviously in the back of his mind, which he realises quite later.*Keshav belongs to the small-town of Kanpur, that is situated in the most populated state in India – Uttar Pradesh – with the literacy rate below 69% , that is much less than the national average.For him, growing up queer in the city which still considers live-in relationships a taboo was way too scary.

Also read: Watch: These little boys are asking you to save them instead of girl children Manjeet Singh, Dilpreet's father, used to make her follow Abacus theory for multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, square root and cube root in order to improve her skills.The district magistrate has already made recommendations to the CM to acknowledge her talent.It is closely associated with the Indian epic Ramayana.Dilpreet Kaur is a Class 10 student and has, by now, set 13 records in Limca Book of Records in just a year.She has a record of solving mathematical equations under one minute as well.Wild animals and the avian species can be easily spotted here. The city centre also offers the shopper a delightful array of State Emporia, viz.

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