Livesecret friend

To get started, you’re going to need an account for both Fresh Books and Stripe.Here are the sign-up links for those interested: Fresh Books (Affiliate link!For an actor as ubiquitous as Peter Davison it’s astonishing to reveal that he has a secret life.As an occasional freelancer, one of the more painful aspects in my day-to-day operations is the invoicing and payment collection.

Assigning names, making and receiving wish lists, and so on: you can arrange everything with just an internet connection and a connected device.Now, I’ve used Fresh Books for a good long time for the freelancing side of the business, and it has always served me well – keeping track of billable hours and expenses – but I’ve always found payments to be a tad annoying. Stripe makes online payments with credit cards much, much easier, and when coupled with Fresh Books, it makes the collection of payments for invoices that much easier as well.The previous payment gateway I used was Paypal, simply because there weren’t any other useful alternatives. Payments can now be made directly inside of the Fresh Books interface, and the payments will go directly to your bank account rather than sitting inside of Paypal.You just fill in the blanks and the Secret Santa generator does all the work!The only thing you have to do is sit back and relax (oh, and buy some snacks and drinks for your Secret Santa party).Paste it in here, click “Save”, and you’re good to go!

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