Malia obama dating


Many, including other first daughters past and present, have argued quite reasonably that the press should leave Malia alone. Never before has such a high-profile young woman of color navigated her way through the Ivy League dating pool.

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The guy—identified by enterprising journalists as 19-year-old Rory Farquharson—is a British-born Harvard sophomore.More about Rory Farquharson can be read in this article by the .Malia Obama’s boyfriend spent the summer interning with the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building in Northern Ireland.One need only look to the vitriol heaped upon tennis star Serena Williams last winter when she revealed her engagement to Alex Ohanian, the white co-founder of Reddit who’s now her husband (and daughter’s father).Williams’ announcement was met with messages of anger, betrayal and dismay across #blacktwitter.He worked for the Prince of Wales for three years before he was fired for unknown reasons.

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