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Just having moderators on duty didn't work for MSN...bots poured in faster than the mods could delete them.(Yahoo apparently makes no attempt to police their chat rooms.) Maybe Jackinchat works because relatively few people know about it compared to MSN and Yahoo.But, on the adult chat side, rooms were created that were not in compliance with the Terms of Service....Yahoo apparently decided that it couldn't control things. MSN responded by making their chat rooms available by subscription.So, the user created rooms were discontinued, the permanent Yahoo rooms filled with bots, and that was effectively the end of Yahoo chat. Of course, nothing kills a website as fast as making people pay to use it. I'm not sure why the Jackinchat room works so well by comparison. Quiet recently Has an 18 option, but very quiet not bad chatrooms ok chat rooms.Yahoo is a complete loss....utterly useless like Ben said. When Yahoo allowed their users to create special intererst chat rooms, you could sometimes find someone to talk to who shared your interests...the rooms were fairly free of bots which require a little time to find a newly created room.Lovers and couples caught having sex in public on hidden cam.

A chatroulette clone, but it's in German access site with multiple windows OK, quite a busy chatroom good site of girls, but they look like they are bots brazilian chat rooms Busy chat rooms, but a little slow at times.CONS: requires you to register and install a client ; extremely steep learning curve ; no webcam feature so you will have to bounce the girls to your messenger ; most of the women seem to be bored housewifes, so they're not always much to look at!Livemocha DESCRIPTION: Livemocha is actually a language learning site with a webcam option.CONS: Slightly more men than women (but given that most of the guys are absolute chumps, you will find it really easy to talk to girls if you follow our advice on How to get a girl to flash you ; your profile will take up to 24 hours to get approved, but having a profile pic will greatly increase your chances.Second Life DESCRIPTION: Second life is much more than a chat room.CAM 2 CAM CHATROOMS DESCRIPTION: This one is absolute gold!

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