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I found the slow pace suited the almost haunting tone of the story.I say ‘almost’ because I didn’t feel spooked due to the hazy/dreamlike descriptions that were used when Megan had those strange dreams.Caroline met and married Megan’s adoptive father, Kent, who is African American.Helen thought her daughter had married someone beneath her, and soon disowned her, never meeting Megan and Megan’s adopted brothers.Why did Megan’s mother and father encourage Megan to visit Helen?Helen disowned them because of Kent being black, and for years had nothing to do with the family.

There is one aspect of the story that I didn’t understand.

Megan starts to learn the secrets of the past, and these secrets have the potential to silence Megan forever.

Legacy of Lies made a nice change of genre for me with it being part mystery and ghost story.

Megan is now 16, and she receives a letter from Helen demanding that she come and visit her at Scarborough House.

Megan, not originally wanting to go, agrees to a visit but only to please her mother.

IMO, the story is more plot driven, rather than character driven, and I felt that there wasn’t a lot of character development because of this.

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