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That is until he meets someone and his whole life changes. Boruto, now sixteen, gets a chance to see why his doubt over his parent's love is groundless. It wasn't set in stone that they would meet, but it was their destiny to find each other, find comfort in each other, and rise above it all... When Shion saw a future vision of friendship, she had no idea how much deeper it would run or the new adventure it would cause...

So, when he woke up in his nine-year old body, he was surprised, to say the least. Taken away from his village and adopted by strangers only to be left once again, Naruto's life has become enshrouded in pain and lonliness. Sometimes teens don't understand adults' course of actions & thoughts.

(Dagorhir AU)The abduction of two young girls sent the world on brand new tracks, rewriting the future in an unexpected way.

Now, in a time when humans and Faunus have forgotten the legends of old, she decides to descend to Remnant and experience life, love, and happiness through the eyes of a mortal. When greeted by one of the fighters, a friendly blond boy named Jaune, she knows that she made the right choice.

Then her confession and actions in the Hokage Summit arc sent me firmly back to anti.19. Of course, he accepted that that wish would not be answered. When a routine escort mission leads to a fateful encounter and ends with a lead that may change Remnant forever, unlikely alliances will be formed in a fight to change tomorrow.

After Kurama is sealed into Naruto, he regresses back into a fox kit, during the time of the Sage and the Biju's meeting. His mother, Padmé, Luke and his sister, whom he had never met, but wished to… Can they find love, or will this forced marriage drive them even further apart? Back from Hiatus AU: Humanity has been driven off the ground in their fight against the Grimm, forcing them into spires that stretch far into the sky with airships as their main mode of transportation and defense.

Jaune Arc has always dreamed about being a hero ever since he was a small boy.

I know you are continuously shocked to hear that many involve Warhammer 40k and/or Naruto. March Mon Con, Oneshot, Arkos Written for the /r/RWBY March Moncon: While having fun at the beach, Jaune accidentally injures himself, and Pyrrha offers to give him a massage while he recovers.

Follow them both as he guides Naruto on his way to greatness! What if, when Minato sealed half of Kurama's chakra away, he also sealed a good portion of his memories? M-Rated for unadulterated violence and realistic situations. When his last breath left him on the Death Star, Anakin Skywalker had one wish-to be with his family. Prepare to see how high darkness can far the light can fall. Major Naru Hina, some others too Naruto sees Hinata naked at the waterfall and thanks to an ancient Hyuuga tradition, the two now must become married.

The two have been friends for years, but are only now meeting in person for the first time. But that one act of compassion will change the Shinobi world forever. The story will feature lots of additional content to provide a fresh engaging experience.

Follow Naruto as he grows up in a new home and develops a hatred for his old home and father... With the help of a reluctant Fox and the teachings of a Sannin, the young jinchūriki will grow to become a true shinobi, protect his precious people, and find what will fill the hole in his heart.

However, what if, on the night of his birth, he was stolen? Jaune only wanted to borrow some notes, he didn't know how deep this rabbit hole hot it would get along the way. The other Shepherds will make an appearance sporadically. An accident during the training trip leads to an understanding between Naruto and the Kyūbi.

But when a red-furred, green eyed Grimm saves his life and reveals itself to have Pyrrha's soul and memories, Jaune decides he's going to do whatever it takes to restore his partner's humanity. The price will be more than anyone should have to bear but the prize is the future, for those he cares for and for all life in the galaxy.

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