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I have been through 4 bell modems…I now have the latest piece of shit version that apparently is the best …their uterly craptastic infrastructure makes it so that their super fast “fiber internet” drops signal every fucking half hour…..

The calculator below will give you a rough estimate of how much you need—the default return of 2.5 percentage points over the inflation rate is a good starting place, based on a portfolio that’s more conservative than a 50/50 bond/stock mix, which is already a fairly conservative approach.

For a more in-depth picture of how a nest egg might grow, check out Vanguard’s far more thorough retirement calculator.

Like most vulgar expressions of the more decorous—at least publicly—pre-Internet era, the phrase’s origin is difficult to ascertain.

Google Books, which searches an extensive digitized catalog, shows a printed debut in 1971 in , a book by Earl Wilson, a gossip columnist who was known for exposing JFK’s broad interpretation of his marital vows.

Talk to an operator that has no idea what he’s doing. Operator finds the issue, puts me on hold with crackly elevator music for 25 minutes, then says the issue should be fixed my noon. finally they cut my services off like 2 months later. Then I see my bill is now at 98, I Call freaking out and they tel me that’s the disconnection fee to close both my lines.

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My dad gave me his old iphone 4s thats a good enough upgrade for me at those prices lmfao, cant believe everybody keeps lining up to get fucked by bell and apple.I wouldn’t have rushed to pay this off if I knew they would do this.Every time I called to tell them I’d be making a payment they wouldn’t tel me this deposit bull shit. Back when i bought my new iphone 4 at the time it was 40-50 a month with one GB data, around the year 2011.To drop an f-bomb on an employer sounds like a luxury, but it might not be the long shot it seems.To get a ballpark estimate of the money you’d need, multiply the annual expense of maintaining your preferred lifestyle by the number of years you’re likely to live.This is what author Lee Eisenberg used for a worksheet that purported to deliver what he called “the New York Number,” a concept similar to “f–k you money,” but for living in New York City.

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