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Following this logic, we should accordingly treat sports marketing as a special case to study because its processes do not function or generalize well for other goods and services.

That is, some argue these special cases of marketing do not possess theoretically sound (or law-like) principles or axioms that guide practice across a variety of other business contexts.

Only the best players…the ones who are most likely to help the team win games are getting the playing time.

A kid gets the starting position and playing time because he or she deserves it, not because the parent did or didn’t do something. how long would a coach last if he or she were giving less talented players preferential playing time for some reason other than their ability? If someone beats them out, they will have to work harder to get it back.

We have never called a coach to complain about playing time.

A basketball superstar and the County Player of the year….who’s life came to a tragic end in his senior year of college. Not every athlete is a superstar, a college prospect or a future professional athlete.

Yes, I think their parents would probably give up all of those high school sports moments….every single bit of it to have…

I write today in an effort to foster a more positive attitude and atmosphere among my fellow sports parents. I’d like to encourage everyone to maybe, take a step back and enjoy these years. Keep in mind that I am referring to competitive High School sports, not recreation teams or little leagues. It really does happen to everyone…even the best of athletes. I constantly hear this word, politics, and I’m just not buying it.

I think the topic of playing time and position is by far, the most talked about topic in high school sports. Does that mean that we are never frustrated or upset about playing time or position? I truly believe our high school coaches are working to WIN championships. Being on the Booster Club Board does NOT get my kid more playing time.

It is my belief and understanding that each athlete soon knows his role on the team. They are an important and integral part of the team. Our athletes are truly looking to us, their parents, to support them in their role on the team. What scares them, is worrying how we, their parents, will handle their role on the team. Honestly, we understand that it can be frustrating to think your kid should be playing when he is not. When it happened to our son, we resisted the urge to call the coaches ourselves.

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