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Night shrouds your heads, your faces, down to your knees - cries of mourning are bursting into fire - cheeks rivering tears - the walls and the handsome crossbeams dripping dank with blood!

Now Marcelo Magnasco, head of the Laboratory of Mathematical Physics at Rockefeller University, New York, and Constantino Baikouzis of the Proyecto Observatorio at the Observatorio Astronómico in La Plata, Argentina, report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that they have traced the eclipse to April 16, 1178."Not only is this corroborative evidence that this date might be something important," Magnasco says, "but if we take it as a given that the death of the suitors happened on this particular eclipse date, then everything else described in The Odyssey happens exactly as is described."The team combed through the Odyssey to find astronomical references that could be precisely identified as occurring on specific days throughout Odysseus's journey.

Then, they aligned each of those dates with the date of Odysseus's return, the same day he murders the suitors.

It would begin at Troy, the site of which is in present-day Turkey, and end on Ithaki, a small island in the Ionian Sea which purports to be Ithaca, the place Odysseus called home.

It was deep winter when the term began, and my father was worrying a great deal about the weather: the snow on the windshield, the sleet on the roads, the ice on the walkways.

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