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She didn’t ask because she’s worried, but because she wants to know.

My relationship status with Yaya is still the same as it was before.

So really did you tell Yaya first, or Yaya had to come ask you first?

I have it so that I can go look at my own pictures, pictures of my mom and also my friends.As soon as you made news with this junior model looks like it caused quite a stir and impacted your Nadech-Yaya fanclub If asked if there was an impact, yes there was an impact.Does that junior model know that you’re koo-jin (fantasy couple) with Yaya?I will probably continue to annoy the general public like my usual self instead.“Nadech Kugimiya” maintains he’s not courting model “Kimberley.” She is only a friend that he once worked with, and has known for over a year now.He admits that this news had an impact and affected his NY fanclub, but he has explained to them already.Whatever it used to be like, it still remains that way.

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